York Darts Promotions was created by former licensee Neil Hart who in 2010, after playing in and attending many darts events/competitions over many years, believed it was time York had its own organisation dedicated to creating, promoting and hosting darts events (tournaments and exhibitions) in a professional manner. Our first event, the York Open Darts Championships started in January 2011.

Our main venue is Huntington WMC in York, who financially support most of our events, where we have eight freestanding dartboards as well as full darts staging with large screen and TV’s to give our Grand Finals and main events maximum visual effect. 

When starting an adventure like this it was important to attract sponsors which are the backbone of our organisation and we are very proud to have Streamline Taxis of York (01904 65 65 65), Red Dragon Darts and York Print on board. All three companies have been with us from day one and we hope to continue a long association with them 

Since starting out in 2011, with our first competition being The Streamline Taxis York Open Darts Championship, we now after trial and error and making some amendments to our tournaments, some changes in format and also altering the ranking points system in The Streamline Taxis York Open Darts Championship. We now focus on three major events.

This has been done because we've listened to peoples opinions and taken on board what has been asked for and suggested. We are always prepared to listen to any suggestions or idea's which will help promote and run our events.

YDP’s goals and objectives are to give every player the experience of playing competitive darts in a friendly atmosphere. Where you'll play against, meet and greet your old friends and make many new. There is absolutely no discrimination against any person, other promotions or groups or governing body. Players from the BDO/PDC/WDF are all welcome. As long as you can throw a dart, towards and hit the dartboard and not the caller or marker you'll do for us. Any age be you youth or adult, boy or girl, man or woman, you are more than welcome to join us. OUR AIM IS TO PLEASE your aim is at the dartboard.

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Meet The YDP Team